Ideal Locations for Fall Family Photos in Southwest Minnesota

I may still be squeezing every last drop out of summer, but that doesn’t mean I’m not dreaming of changing leaves and fall colors! If you’re like me, I’ve got a list of allllll the gorgeous locations you’ll want as the backdrop for your family photos this fall.

Let’s get to it!

My Favorite State Parks:

If you’re chasing after those fall colors like me (anyone else do a happy dance while photo-editing fall sessions?!), you’ll love these two locations. Whether you’re after astounding quartzite formations or want to capture the reflections of light and trees on the water, both Palisades and Blue Mounds have got y’all covered.

City Vibes: Downtown Sioux Falls, SD

If rural settings don’t check all of your boxes, head on downtown to Phillips Avenue in Sioux Falls. The location options you get are amaaaazing, from cool buildings and architecture to everyone’s favorite: brick! (A hint: I just love exploring downtown alleys to let my clients soak in a few minutes of quiet amidst the hustle of the city!)

The BEST Orchards Around:

There’s nothing better than a sweet orchard with an even sweeter family. I always tell families to choose locations that have meaning to you, but even I can’t pass up a walk in the orchard. Bring a favorite quilt and cuddle up for a family sandwich (see what I mean here!), and embrace the crazy life if you have young kiddos in tow; invite the tickle monster to come visit the little ones, and capture all those giggles and squirms!

I’m always pumped when Minnesota summer evenings come along, but I have to admit it: bring on pumpkin spice everything.

Okay, we’ll see ya!

– Brooklyn


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