Questions to Ask When Hiring a Newborn Photographer

As perfect as they come, I could snuggle newborn babies all. day. long.

But all the cuddles and sweet baby grunts aside, as a mama and a newborn photographer who takes her craft seriously, I want you to feel empowered to ask all the right questions when you’re hiring a newborn photographer so that you have a wonderful experience and you get the style of photos that you desire!

Here’s my master list of questions that I’d ask every newborn photographer before hiring them to capture a baby’s pure sweetness:

  • How long have you been photographing newborns?

Consider going with an experienced (2+ years) newborn photographer!

  • What workshops or safety courses have you taken to help you learn to pose newborns appropriately?

I’ve taken countless workshops, courses, and safety training classes to learn how to pose and position those sweet, squishy little bodies without causing harm to those brand new little ones!

  • Can I see images from a past newborn session?

Almost all photographers have a portfolio of images to share with you upon request!

  • Is there a certain age/number of days old that you prefer for shooting a newborn session?

I prefer to shoot newborn photos between 5 and 14 days of birth, though circumstances may vary.

  • What style of newborn photos do you typically shoot, and what locations do you prefer to shoot at/in?

I typically shoot a combination of posed/wrapped shots (like this) and lifestyle photos, either in the studio or in a client’s home (like this); asking this question helps you to ensure your expectations are wisely set!

  • How long does a typical newborn session last? Are there any time constraints on the day of the newborn session, or can you be flexible if the baby is fussy, needs to eat/be changed, etc.?

When I schedule newborn sessions, I block off my entire day to offer maximum flexibility for the baby’s needs! I also encourage parents to try to keep the baby awake as much as possible before coming into the studio; from a gentle bath to talking and playing with the baby, getting them ready to snooze by the time pictures begin can go so far in helping the session run smoothly! Of course, if you’re driving from further than one hour away, don’t stress – let baby slumber!

  • How far in advance do I need to inquire/schedule a newborn session?

I encourage clients to reach out three to four months in advance of their due date. Then, I’ll pencil in when the baby is due and will only take on a set number of newborn sessions that month to ensure my availability.

  • Do you provide newborn props, such as headbands, wraps, Moses baskets, etc.?

I’ve been told my prop closet is on-trend and extensive, which really just means I love shopping for allllllll the newborn goodies!

  • What do I/does the baby need to bring or wear?

PARENTS: Dress in neutral tones, and consider the colors in their home when dressing for photo sessions. For instance, if you’re more drawn to browns and your home decor is appointed similarly, consider wearing khakis or tans for your session. On the other hand, if your home and your taste are more grays and whites, dress accordingly in that color scheme. Also, family photos take place first, so feel free to bring a change of clothes to change into after your portion of the session is complete. I keep the studio warm according to the baby’s comfort level, so consider dressing in layers!

BABY: Consider a simple onesie with snaps or a zipper for maximum ease! If your baby takes a pacifier or a bottle, please bring those items to ease the transition between photos.

Capturing a newborn’s soft, soft skin, sweet yawns and baby rolls (the best!) is one of my work’s greatest joys. I hope these tips help you to hire a confident, experienced photographer to capture your baby’s most tender moments!

Okay, we’ll see ya!

– Brooklyn


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