How to Prepare for Your Personal Branding Session

Finding clothes and props for your session can be overwhelming, but I’m here to help make it a little easier! Here are my top tips for what to wear and how to prepare for your branding session.

What Do I Wear?!


The clothes you choose for your brand session are more than just clothes; they tell a story. What do you want your brand to be saying? Are you a boutique fitness studio owner? A sharp and realistic lawyer? Or maybe an easy-going, no fluff photographer? Your outfit can help communicate all of that! For instance, a neutral blazer with classic lines says, “I’m polished and professional,” while an oversized, pink blazer screams, “I work hard, play hard!” Neither is better or worse—it’s all about what vibe you want your photos to show.


Picture this: You’re unleashing these snazzy brand images on your website and social media. These photos will be living next to your brand elements on your website, like your logo or a other brand elements. You don’t want your clothing to clash with your carefully curated palette, right? If you can’t stand the sight of red on your Instagram feed, maybe skip that killer red dress for now. Keep the look and feel of your brand consistent by incorporating your brand colors into your outfit.


Let’s get real for a sec. You wouldn’t wear a parka in the blazing summer or shorts during a winter blizzard… The same goes for your brand photos. If it’s not the season for that outfit you’re eyeing, you have two options: either keep your clothing neutral to avoid looking out of season, or be prepared to do two branding shoots a year—one for each season.


Listen up, my color lovers! I used to say, “No neon or bright colors for brand sessions,” but I’ve changed my tune. Why? Because it all depends on YOU! Ever heard of ‘getting your colors done’? Trust me, once you’ve experienced the magical world of House of Colour, your life will never be the same. Each person has their own unique “season” of colors that make them shine. I highly recommend getting your colors done before your session, but if that’s not an option, become a color detective! Experiment with different hues and see which ones make your eyes sparkle, your skin glow, and your smile dazzle. Warm or cool tones? Find out what earns you compliments from your friends.


We all have things we adore about ourselves (hello toned arms or snatched waist!) and also we may have things we’d rather minimize. If you’re self-conscious about certain body parts, no worries! When selecting your clothes for your branding session, keep those considerations in mind. Dislike your bare upper arms? Pass on the sleeveless dresses and tops. Proud of those legs? bring those shorts and let ’em shine!


A branding session is focused on you, so this is the perfect opportunity to pamper yourself. Get a fresh manicure, make sure you love your haircut and color, and bring the clothes you feel best in. Even if your style is laid back and simple, ensuring you feel put together and polished can go a long way. Schedule your session just after these appointments so you feel like your best self!

Props, Prep and Random Tips


Why did you you schedule a branding session? Was it to level up your social media game with a content library to use for the next 6+ months? Or perhaps you’re ready to roll out a new website and want to show up like the boss that you are! Whatever your photo shoot goals may be, let’s make sure you leave with the exact magic you came for!


Do you have a couple of shots on your mind that are an absolute must-have? Maybe it’s a sleek, modern headshot that screams “boss babe,” or a candid moment of you relaxing on the couch with a coffee in hand. Oh, and let’s not forget the confetti bomb to celebrate your upcoming launch! Sharing these specifics with your photographer is key. We want to tailor the shoot specifically to YOU.


Not sure what to do with your hands?! Bring some props or tools of the trade to help you feel relaxed behind the lens and also tell a visual story. Here’s a list of go-to props I recommend:

  • Coffee or Tea
  • Phone
  • Computer/Laptop/IPad
  • Wine/Beer/Cocktail/Soda
  • Favorite Snack or Drink
  • Book/Magazine/Planner
  • Tools of the Trade (i.e. camera, stethoscope, essential oils, free weights, etc)
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Purse/Bag
  • Other People/Models


Trusting someone else with your branding can be slightly nerve-wracking. You’ve done your research and found the perfect brand photographer who gets you, so it’s time to let go and trust the process. We are ready to make you shine and showcase your brand in all its glory. Don’t stress over posing or wondering where to look. Your photographer has got your back, and they’ll guide you through everything. Just come with an open mind, this session is going to be epic!


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