create an aligned, magnetic brand so that you effortlessly attract and book dream clients 24/7

November 10-13, 2024

November 10-13, 2024

Calling all ambitious Female entrepreneurs of service-based businesses!

Join me and my team for a 3-day all inclusive luxury retreat in Florida to learn how to create a magnetic brand that's unique to you, lock in a positive money mindset, set goals for the year ahead and leave with a social media content plan to book your dream clients so that you are ready to massively scale your business.


Entrepreneurship can be lonely

but it doesn't HAVE to be that way.

I remember the first luxury business retreat I invested in and I was shaking in my boots spending that much money on myself and my business! I had just built my photo studio and was finally taking things seriously as an entrepreneur.

But here's the thing....

After that retreat, I left incredibly inspired, made life-long friends (who I still text and call regularly), I was so LIT UP about my business, had a clear roadmap of how to hit my goals and I FINALLY had the community I was craving to hold me accountable and celebrate my wins with me.

It was truly LIFE CHANGING. And the Goal Getter Retreat will do the same for you too!

let's be real....

That's why you need to be at the


Surround yourself with like-minded women at a dreamy beach mansion, with an in-home chef, amazing guest speakers and plenty of time for relaxing, workshopping, connecting and goal setting.

Create a brand that is in complete alignment with you so that you effortlessly attract dream clients who can't wait to hand you their credit card

Surround yourself with rockstar women who have big $$$ goals and dreams just like you and are your biggest cheerleaders!

Use my 'Magnetic Brand Blueprint' so that you can clearly articulate what you do, who you do it for, and market confidently.

Have a fool-proof roadmap for the year ahead so that you can effortlessly scale your business.

Have a crystal clear social media plan so that your dream clients know, without a doubt, they need to book you immediately.

Get your [money] mindset right. Get out of your own way. Confidently embody the CEO boss that you are.

When you come to the Goal Getter Retreat, you will:


Oh, and you'll leave with a fresh tan.


Days of social content planned in 3 days


worth of Brand Photos from our Professional Retreat Photographer


to hire our guest Mindset Coach on your own


to work with our Professional Copywriter individually

Hair salon owner.
Personal Trainer.
Graphic Designer.
Virtual Assistant.
Professional organizer.
Systems specialist.
Professional Makeup Artist.
or anything in between...

You're here because you love being surrounded by other go-getters who have big goals and dreams just like you do.

And the idea of learning how to create a magnetic brand that's in complete alignment with you, map out your goals, and leave with a social media plan in-hand sounds like a dream. 

Whether you are a

learn from powerhouse educators



Follow a proven roadmap

How                  is our beach mansion though


Did someone say Insta-approved?!

AND it's awarded as the VRBO Vacation Rental of the Year 

Love to be surrounded by likeminded go-getters,
 in a stunning beach mansion, and be inspired to take action and finally bring your big dreams to life.

This retreat is for women who

I'm Brooklyn, your new business bestie.

As a business owner for over 11 years with a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication and photography, I have built a magnetic brand that effortlessly attracts my dream clients so that my calendar is booked out 6 months in advance.

I created the Goal Getter Retreat to help 10 female entrepreneurs create an aligned and authentic brand, work through their mindset blocks and surround themselves with a community of ambitious women who normalize big dreams so that they feel empowered and confident AF to scale their business.

hey there!

You will arrive at Panama City Beach airport, grab an uber to the rental house in Rosemary Beach, Florida (25 minute drive). Arrive at the house after 5 pm and get settled in, enjoy evening snacks and drinks on the patio while meeting the other women. Head to bed and rest up for the day ahead.

Wake up to breakfast and coffee at the house, take a morning walk to the beach or journal poolside before starting our session.

Morning workshop with Brooklyn and a Mindset Coach (who's incredible!) goal setting and creating your magnetic brand blueprint that will have your dream clients reaching for their credit card. Lunch will be provided by our in-home chef.

After lunch, we will break into small groups and get our [money] mindset locked in so that you can confidently step into your power and effortlessly attract your ideal clients on repeat. You will craft your social content plan, so you leave knowing exactly what to post, saving you hundreds of hours scrolling for inspiration.

Enjoy dinner made by our in-home chef, then relax by the pool before turning in for the night.

GUEST SPEAKER: 7-figure Mindset Coach 

Here's The Plan

Arrive & Settle In

Workshop & Pool Time

DAY 1 | Sunday, Nov 10

DAY 2 | Monday, Nov 11

Have morning coffee together and a power hour so that you have a clear plan to implement when you get back home. Pack up and say "see you next time!" to your new best friends by 9 am. Catch an uber, or ride share with others to the airport.

Say Goodbye (for now)

DAY 4 | Wednesday, Nov 13

Workshop & Photoshoot

DAY 3 | Tuesday, Nov 12


GUEST SPEAKER: Professional Copywriter

Wake up to breakfast prepared by our in-home chef, relax on any of the spacious patios or meditate on a balcony before starting our morning session.

Morning workshop with a Professional Copywriter who will teach you how to craft a killer website Services page. Lunch will be provided by our in-home chef or catered. After lunch, you will work 1:1 with our copywriter to nail down your special sauce and refine your brand voice so that your messaging slaps and has your ideal clients flooding your inbox, begging to work with you before they've ever met you.

Afternoon photoshoot with a professional brand photographer including time for individual headshots around the property, group shots and access to gallery of candid workshop photos post-retreat to document the incredible memories made together + share on your socials.

Then we will head downtown to wander the streets of Rosemary Beach, visit the shops and enjoy dinner at a top-tier local restaurant.

Know your special sauce and unique brand voice so that your inbox is flooded with dream clients begging to work with you

How does this sound?

Have crystal clear goals and a roadmap to make them happen so that you no longer spin your wheels figuring out the next step



after the retreat you will:

Have a killer social media content plan so that you never wonder what to post on Insta again


Feel in complete alignment with yourself and your goals, so every decision you make is purposeful and impactful.


Become crazy confident in your services so that you're able to raise your prices without second guessing yourself and step into your power as the CEO boss that you are.



How It Works

Submit your application through the "Apply Now" button below


Check those DMs! I will be dropping in to chat about your business goals and make sure this retreat is the best fit for you!


Officially be invited to The Goal Getter Retreat, claim your ticket and get first choice on your bed!


If you love a good aesthetic beach day (that'll have Insta popping off!), snag a VIP upgrade and attend an exclusive beach party + girls day, Sunday from 12 pm - 4 pm, before the rest of the house arrives in the evening. Get a VIP Beach Bag stuffed full of amazing merch (hint: custom beach towel), enjoy drinks and casual downtime with the other VIP girls, Brooklyn and her team of 2, to connect and get into a relaxed state-of-mind before the workshop begins.

Upgrade to a VIP ticket & attend an exclusive Beach Party (2 of 5 claimed)


A multi 7-figure Mindset Coach (1:1 Rate is $7k/month+)

Professional Copywriter (1:1 Rate is $3500+)

Mini-brand session by Brand Photographer ($900 value + FREE venue)

Luxe swag + VIP Beach Party merch ($500+ Value)

Social Media Plan (1:1 Rate is $5000+)

This is how much value you get with your ticket:


GUEST SPEAKER: Certified Systems Specialist

$16,900+ Value!

(plus the vibey beach mansion rental)

"This is your day.
This is the time to go after it all.


This      for you if:

You've been in business for at least one year

YOU just started your business WITHIN THE LAST YEAR

You love to learn new strategies to grow your business as fast as possible

You prefer to work alone and your relationship cup is already full

you're a female entrepreneur running a service-based business

It's probably       for you if...

You're a male or you have a product-based business (sorry, this one's just for the ladies!)



It's probably
for you if...

You value your time and want the biggest, fastest results (like yesterday)

You prefer to diy your offers (this is a jam-packed, fast action retreat)

You want A community of like-minded baddies who will celebrate and cheer you on

It's hard for you to make changes and deep introspective mindset work makes you uncomfortable

Is this just for photographers?

Nope! This is for all service-based female entrepreneurs!


Is this a glorified girls trip?

Although there will be plenty of time for relaxing and walking on the beach, come prepared to dig into your business! Each day will include education by industry leaders and tangible strategies to implement in your business to get massive results.

What is the food situation?

We will have an in-home chef for the entire retreat who will cook, bake and coordinate all meals. There will be fully stocked snacks and drinks for in between meals as well.

Have more questions?

Drop in my DMs on instagram @brooklynphotographystudio and I will be glad to answer those for you!

How far is it from the airport?

The house is located in Rosemary Beach, FL, about 25 minutes from the Panama City Beach airport.

Why is it application based?

Applications allows me to curate a group of like-minded women who can benefit most from being in the same room, will vibe together and are in a place in their business to implement the education and strategies taught at the retreat. 

I'm not exactly sure if this retreat is the right fit for me, should I still apply?

YES, YES and YES!!! If you're unsure, just apply! I will be very honest (and kind) in all conversations to help you decide if this retreat is the right fit for you and will help you achieve your business goals.

Can men apply?

Sorry guys, this one is only for the ladies.

Is airfare included?

No, you are responsible for your travel to and from the retreat.

"This is your day.
This is the time to go after it all.



I completely understand that every dollar invested in your business is an important one and I want to make sure this is a great fit for you. Let me answer all of your questions.

Still on the fence?